Severing the cord

I recently used the metaphorical hatchet to cut the cord on our long standing cable TV subscription with AT&T. Year after year I have given away money to a service provider in order to have access to hundreds of channels that went unwatched. Save for occasional episode of the Simpsons or local news, nature shows (David Attenborough is cool AF), Mr. Robot, or the occasional sporting event, most of the TV I consume is from HBO or Netflix. Yet, every month, I have shelled out $180 to AT&T for the access and an additional $15 for Netflix.

After checking out the landscape of streaming TV providers such as Dish Network’s Sling, Hulu, YouTube TV, and Direct TV Now, I went with the later, received two Rokus for free, and chose the $35 package. Because i also have unlimited mobile phone service through AT&T, they threw in HBO free free of charge and discounted my monthly subscription an additional $15.

One down side was the loss of access to local channels for news and public broadcasting as these are not included through many streaming services. This was remedied through the purchase of an indoor TV antenna made by NoCable with a 30 mile range for $20. The antenna is super low profile (1/16″ thick) mat that tacks to the wall behind the TV and picks up approximately 35 channels, several in high def. Through BR TV remote I am able to easily toggle between antenna content and streaming channels.

So, now, rather then spending nearly $200 per month on unwatched TV, I’m down to about $35, have access to all the content I want and more, and have access to a ton of additional content also available via the Roku apps.